Thursday, April 06, 2017

Which is Hotter?

Today is the 35th birthday of the Spanish sexpot Miguel Angel Silvestre -- we were infatuated with Miguel before Sense8 came along thanks to a certain Señor Almodovar (you can hike through our extensive Miguel archives to see just how much) but Sense8 has really given him a place to put his many gifts front and center.

Anyway I'm kind of shocked that I've never asked us to face off Miguel with his on-screen love played Alfonso Herrera before (see lots more of Alfonso here) before, but I went through those extensive archives just now and it's true! I guess the question always seemed too cruel... but not today, for some  reason. Not today...

And don't forget that Sense8 is back on May 5th!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I mean, they're both insanely hot, but it's really not fair to Alfonso to have that shirtless pic of Miguel at the top of the post. Alfonso is adorable on the show!