Monday, April 24, 2017

Hyper Conscious Series of Humiliations

I do believe that we're well past overdue Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep acting in another movie together, don't you think? It's been almost thirty years since Postcards From the Edge came out! And they don't appear to hate each other or anything - you can find plenty of photographs of the two (see down below) hanging out in the years since. I suppose the blame is once again to be laid at Dumb Sexist Hollywood's feet. Ugh, fuck you, Hollywood.

Anyway we're celebrating them today -- it's MacLaine's 83rd birthday and so over at The Film Experience this week's "Beauty vs Beast" is tackling Postcards, and I fully expect to hear a bunch of actressexuals heads exploding all over the world at having to choose.


shaun said...

If only there were some phrase capable of capturing the agony of having to make such an unimaginably difficult choice....

Pierce said...

Well, Shirley MacLaine is nuts. Have you read her daughter's book? Meryl tries to keep what appears to be a low profile, but we know she's egocentric as she watches her own performances, even while she's performing them.