Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Morning, World


I've always wanted to gif this moment from the original Queer as Folk because IT IS VERY IMPORTANT but it took today being Aidan Gillen's birthday - happy birthday, Littlefinger! - and also me actually having the series available on my computer (thanks to this post I did last week about it) in order for this magic to happen. But magic has happened! Rejoice.

That said I can't look at scenes of actors pantomiming blowjobs (and one assumes, sadly, this to be pantomime) anymore without thinking of the scene in the second season of The Comeback where Valerie is forced to crouch on her knees in front of Seth Rogen in front of the entire crew for awhile. I mean look at Charlie slamming his face back and forth into Aidan's crotch:

That must've been something to shoot.

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BC said...

Years ago a friend of mine married a bike messenger she'd met a couple months before and I went to the wedding. It was supposed to be a small thing somewhere normal but it turned out she had an investment banker sister with an estate in the Berkshires and at the last minute everything was suddenly happening there. I lacked appropriate attire, and so after the intensely weird ceremony on the front lawn, I was passing the time drinking and awkwardly small talking with fancy strangers and trying not to look like staff. Suddenly Aiden Quinn walked up and joined the conversation. (Turns out the bride was a college friend of his wife.)

This was the early early 2000s and QAF was fresh enough in my mind that once I recognized him I froze and thought:

1. "OMG. Stuart!!!!"
2. of this very scene
3. "Wow, he's very very short."

The combo of shock, salaciousness and disappointment struck me dumb and I just smiled goofily as others talked and then he walked away bored.

Anyway, too long a comment--it's not my blog--but the coincidence of you posting these gifs was too much. Thought I'd share.