Monday, April 17, 2017

Good Morning, World

Kind of surprised I never posted this scene before since it aired way back at in 2015 but I guess I actually needed to sit down and start watching Fortitude, the show in which this scene takes place, in order to get my wits -- anyway if you're not sure which Treadaway twin we're looking at that is Luke; we saw a very similar scene from his brother Harry in the film Honeymoon, but this one's Luke. 

Have any of you watched Fortitude? I like it! I'm halfway through the first season finale so don't spoil anything if you do have things to say, but I recommend the show for reasons even beyond all the male nudity. (There is a surprising lot of male nudity though.) Speaking of, let's hit the jump, this gets NSFW...


Anonymous said...

I watched the first Season of Fortitude on Pivot when it aired. Honestly I think that scene was truncated or cut, because I believe I would have remembered Treadaway pubes. I thought the first season was terrific. A thriller with a message. Good performances. Great mood and landscapes.

FoxVerde said...

we love it. and omg the gorgeous gi joe type ginger police chief and the other dark haired big husky cop. season 2 has another yummy addition.