Friday, April 28, 2017

Good Morning, Naked Jai Courtney Again

First things first I actually reviewed The Exception over at The Film Experience last night, click here to read that. Yes, there is a movie surrounding Naked Jai Courtney, if you can believe it. I mean I spent half the movie thinking about Naked Jai since his nudity (some of which - a big some! - we posted yesterday) comes early, but the movie does indeed happen. I can confirm that.

Anyway I would normally make these gifs with my own pair of hands, because I am nothing if not a handsy guy, but because my weird schedule with Tribeca screenings is still going on so I've just got to steal them (from here, thanks Mac), hence the watermark you'll see. Anyway they are NSFW so hit the jump for them...


jim said...

Nice abdominal scar!! (And nice EVERYTHING ELSE, too!!)

Forever1267 said...

I really shouldn't complaing, because OMGSOHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but... did he need to shave his chest for this part?

But, still, OMGSOHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!