Monday, March 20, 2017

Who Wore It Best?

I'm choosing to pretend that Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal aren't wearing ties because they'd just used them for hanky-panky in the limo ride over (Armie Hammer told them what to do) and not because they are beastly slobs. 

In related news did you guys read this new interview with Jake in the Guardian? He has a total hissy-fit because the reporter brings up Taylor Swift, and he becomes fixated on it to an honestly aberrant degree - even after the conversation has moved on, after a body-slam of awkwardness, and they start talking about politics Jake just can't stop berating the journalist:

"I had the privilege to meet President Obama... and he told me: ‘You have a job as an artist to help people through difficult times, to illuminate things through art.’ He said: ‘That’s your job.’ And my parents have always said that, too. And I’m sure you know it, because you seem like a very smart person who has done their research, particularly into tabloid research, which is obviously the most important of all research.”

Good grief, Jake. Me-yow!


Anonymous said...

Horse-face Jake is already not my cup of tea, imagine a bitchy version of that! Run for the hills, fellas!

anonymous said...

whats the big deal, we went out, we didnt go out, nuff said. All this evasiveness however seems as if he's embarrassed. I personally have no idea how swift managed to bag jake or tom for a second but whatever.