Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Which is Hotter?

Just about one month until we're watching American Gods, you guys! Starz went and released a batch of character posters yesterday, showcasing all the main-ish characters of Bryan Fuller & Co's grand new show - you can see them all right here. But we're gonna focus in on our two at-first-sight favorite godly fantasies turned flesh played by Ricky Whittle and Pablo Schreiber...



Anonymous said...

Jason, you have seen Ricky's, ahem, "video", I hope. Because no one will ever be hotter than him ever after watching that.

mangrove said...

Yeah, to follow up on the above comment, it's obvious Mr Whittle has quite the management team that cleaned up the interwebz: not many have seen it, because they'd be voting some other way if they did (Ricky's losing at 37% as I write this).