Friday, March 03, 2017

Is That You, Dear Michiel

I didn't think that was actually Michiel Huisman in that picture above at first  (he's doing something wonky with his face, his beautiful face) but upon further inspection it's totally him -- there are behind the scenes pictures from the shoot (see down below) and everything. (That's his wife, actress Tara Elders, beside him.) Anyway didja hear he's signed on to make a romance called Irreplaceable You opposite the irreplaceable actress Gugu Mbatha Raw - it's described as a drama about "two lovers who are destined to be together until death got in the way." Okay. And today Steve Coogan and Christopher Walken both signed onto the movie, which is a strange supporting cast for a romantic drama, no? The fact that it's being directed by a Veep director, with these actors, makes me wonder if it might have more wit than it sounds at first glance.

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Anonymous said...

His chest hair pattern in the first photo looks like the bat signal. Sexy nonetheless.