Friday, March 31, 2017

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #101


I can't remember how much of this scene remains in the original cut of Donnie Darko - this was taken from the Director's Cut, which as I said yesterday in our "Ways Not To Die" post is not my preferred cut. But one plus to it is this scene, which is creepy and effective and I'm fairly certain runs much shorter in the original version.

I mean just the herky-jerky stop-motion movement of Frank in front of those darkened bookshelves is enough to make it a keeper. But it also gives Katherine "The Great" Ross' psychiatrist character more of a finish to her arc - she sort of just hangs there in the original version, kind of forgotten about by the end. So this stuff's welcome, even besides the shelves, and even besides the fact that it gives me an excuse to post the gifs of the earlier scene where Jake undoes his pants and fondles himself on the same set after the jump...

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