Monday, March 27, 2017

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #100


Surprise! I figured out awhile back I'd save The Most Important Movie Library Of All Time for our big 100th entry in this series; I was hoping to time it a little better to the release of (and my subsequent reaction to) the live-action remake but I still haven't managed to get out to see that yet. Hrm. So we're just going for it.
Hooray! Hooray for this scene! So many of us were indoctrinated at a young age to have our hearts go pitter patter at the sight of one sweeping camera movement across a sky of endless shelves. The above shot easily dwarfs the much ballyhooed at the time special effect sequence of Belle & the Beast dancing. Much more important!
Good grief. 

Okay so those of you who have seen the live-action Beauty and the Beast already give me the low-down on the library. That's make or break whether I bother to chase the movie down before it leaves theaters and I weirdly haven't heard a peep on the scene as of yet either way. Tell me!!!


par3182 said...

so are the books books or servants turned into books?

padric said...

For me, the live action movie is like Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula--It's not particularly good, but I loved every moment of it. As far as the shelves are concerned, they're not as good as in the animated feature, but they're far better than the Broadway musical.

Anonymous said...

I thought the remake was amazing. The art direction and set design are wonderful, and Emma Watson makes a perfect Belle. She does not have a superstar singing voice, but she acts the part so well you don't mind. Dan Stevens and Luke Evans are great (even though "every last inch of me is covered with hair" is gone). They did a lot to expand the story and fill in some of the plot holes of the original.

Daniel said...

This has basically been my dream library since 1991. It is the sole reason that for years I wanted to live in a castle. I haven't seen the live-action remake yet, but... according to the trailers, the Beast hasn't even READ the books in the library?!?!? BLASPHEMY!!

Michael said...

"according to the trailers, the Beast hasn't even READ the books in the library?!?!? BLASPHEMY!!"

Yes, he has. He makes a joke that he hasn't read ALL the books because, in his words, "some of them are in Greek."

Daniel said...

@Michael - oh WHEW! That makes me feel so much better.