Thursday, March 30, 2017

Good Morning, World

I didn't think I'd find anything I've never posted before when I went looking for pictures of him to post here on his 80th birthday but whaddya know - he apparently made a movie with Elizabeth Taylor? The Only Game in Town came out in 1970 and was the last movie directed by George Stevens (director of, among many films, Giant and A Place in the Sun - clearly he and Liz got along) ...

... weirdly 2007's Lucky You, Curtis Hanson's film with Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore (which I've also never seen), was kind of sort of a remake. I say "weirdly" because Lucky You was Hanson's second-to-last movie... I was going to say last, I thought it was his last, because it's better if we forget Chasing Mavericks happened. Anyway basically this story kills good directors, is my point.

Anyway I'd never even heard of this movie until this morning, but the whole damn thing is up on YouTube - any reason to watch? Any fans? Oh and happy 80, Warren!

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joel65913 said...

Well any movie with Liz and Warren is worth one go through but it is not much of a film. Liz does not look her best, Warren is beautiful but doesn't seem very into it and the film is meh overall. Lucky You outside of Eric Bana's beauty is equally flat.