Thursday, March 16, 2017

Good Morning, Tudyk

This morning we're wishing Firefly et cetera star Alan Tudyk a happy happy 46th birthday -- may we all look as swell as he does as 46 (or whatever age you are right now, because I sure don't look like he does and I am younger than 46). Have any of you been watching his online series Con Man? All of these gifs (and there are a ton down below) are from that show. 

And yes I gathered these images up but I haven't actually watched the show properly yet -- given all the people showing up around him though (I would start listing names but it's a great big Who's Who of nerd-friendly names so just look through the IMDb list yourselves and gape) it seems like I sure do need to watch it. Anyway you can hit the jump for twenty more gifs if you like...

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