Monday, March 20, 2017

Good Morning, Gratuitous Kayvan Novak

Little did I know when I started watching the new pregnancy horror film Prevenge last night (see the trailer here) that I'd stumble upon a piping hot new crush like Kayvan Novak. Thing is he's not "new" -- if you're British you probably know his name well, and if you're not British then you've still maybe still seen him somewhere. Like did you know there are other people in Four Lions besides Riz Ahmed?

I know! Who knew? I'm kidding, of course - it's been so long since I watched Four Lions I don't even remember Riz in it. Clearly I need to rewatch Four Lions. But that's not the only place Kayvan's been - he was in Syriana, and he was in Paddington (yes the talking bear movie with Nicole Kidman), and he's seemingly been on all of the UK shows. Like this one surprised me - it's him who pulls gay naked tied-up Richard Madden out of a closet in Sirens.

I was familiar with the scene of course, but you'd forgive me if my eyes were always on Dick previously. No more. I see you, Kayvan.

And you're totally worthy of your own your own embarrassing nude scenes. Welcome to the big leagues, buddy. So if any of our British readers want to tell us anything we need to know about the actor, hit up the comments. Until then the rest of us will just ogle the several dozen pictures and gifs I've got for us after the jump...

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[ joe ] said...

Yea, I know him from Sirens, I'd never forget his square jaw and hairy chest and cleft chin and accent and thick beard and... I could go on.
Nice selection you've got here! Thumbs up. All is up.

[ j ]