Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Good Morning, Chris Evans

I stopped reading Esquire's new profile of Chris Evans about twenty words into it once I realized it was gonna be that lad mag patented brand of cheesy machismo where the Dogged Reporter does some manly man bullshit with the Tough (Yet Surprisingly Sensitive) Guy Actor -- in this case jumping out of an airplane with a bunch of "commandos." Are we still doing this shit? Get back to me when Chris and the commandos go to the steam bath and massage each others delts. But the pictures are swell!

Lots of Chris amongst bookshelves, which as you're well aware by now rings my bell. More book reading, more massaging commando delts, less uneasy testosterone on parade, please. Hit the jump for the rest of the photo-shoot...

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Anonymous said...

I would watch Chris Evans do anything!