Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Daniel Lapaine's Speedo Red Alert

I always have a copy of Muriel's Wedding on hand in case of emergency and it came in handy just now - I was able to immediately check the footage and find out that yes that picture is actually a publicity still I have never seen before, and not just a shot taken from the movie. At no point in the finished film do we see that angle of Daniel Lapaine in his speedo, and if there's anything the world needs in it it is more angles of Daniel Lapaine in Muriel's Wedding in his speedo. (You can see our previous coverage of Daniel Lapaine in Muriel's Wedding in his speedo right here.) 

Anyway this grand and important image comes to us as the heavens themselves opened up and rained it down from the online video service FilmStruck's blog Streamline (thanks Mac), where they are celebrating the happy news that they are now streaming Muriel's Wedding for all of us to enjoy. Their piece on the film brought back many joyful memories I have of people I have recommended the film to totally being blindsided by its candy-coated pitch-black comedy - nobody quite expects the film to be such a nasty head-fuck going into it. Which is one of the (many many many many) reasons it's one of our very favorite movies. Now could somebody give Toni Collette something this good to work with again, dammit?

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