Monday, February 06, 2017

The 85 Blows

Today would have been just the 85th birthday of François Truffaut, which makes me terribly sad -- he really should still be around, having mad another dozen movies at least, don't you think? Instead he died from a brain tumor in 1984, having only made 21 films, although to be fair his legacy's pretty well assured off of those. 

Well those and having bound himself inextricably to Alfred Hitchcock with his Film-making 101 classic Hitchcock / Truffaut, which no cineaste's collection will ever be complete without. Have you guys seen the documentary that Kent Jones made about the book last year? I recommend it! Anyway in celebration of what would have been his birthday we're doing our first ever Director Face-off for this week's "Beauty vs Beast" over at The Film Experience, so click on over and get your Auteur on.

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Pierce said...

Hitchcock/Truffaut is in my Netflix queue. Favorites of Truffaut? The Bride Wore Black, Fahrenheit 451 (Julie Christie and Oskar Werner!!), Bed and Board, Stolen Kisses. I've been to his grave at Montmartre Cemetery three times. Great, great filmmaker!!!