Thursday, February 23, 2017

Make Love Not Sense

I don't know how I miss such things - I swear I double- and triple-check Miguel Angel Silvestre's Instagram account like a psychopathic spazz every week and yet somehow I'm always playing catch-up with him (PS this is not a complaint geared towards you, Miguel - quite the contrary! I am only lamenting my own deep and profound human failings). I mean he posted that picture of himself and Pedro Pascal two full weeks back! (Miguel is co-starring on Pedro's show Narcos, which we told you about before.) Somebody slap me. 

I was looking Miguel up today specifically thanks to my pal Jarett, who shared a few new shots from the second season of Sense8 -- dropping on May 5th! -- and from there I stumbled upon a few more which've been making the rounds, and eventually I found enough to make this post big enough to carry us after the jump. You're gonna wanna hit it...

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Mayte said...

Lol in your last post about them I was wondering why you didn't post that photo