Thursday, February 02, 2017

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #93

When I placed Wes Anderson's film The Royal Tenenbaums on my list of favorite movies of 2001 earlier this week was when it hit me -- THE BOARD GAME CLOSET!!! I have heard so many people make so many squealing noises when thinking about this space over the years, and I'm right there with ya, folks. Who doesn't want a closet full of board games? What a dream...

Have you ever looked closely through the games that the Tenenbaum family has on their shelves though? Two Operations! Click the above image for the best look. My favorite:

I mean of course they would - a more Wes-Anderson-y board-game has maybe never been created. But has anybody actually seen or played this thing? Naturally it makes for a nice flash forward to Anderson's very next movie...

... and I have really got to go back and watch The Life Aquatic some time. I didn't totally love it in 2004 and I think it's possible I haven't seen it since. That's nutso! Definitely in need of a re-view.

Right, Royal?

Right, Royal.

Anyway The Royal Tenenbaums is a a shelf-lovers dream - practically every room in its glorious main set is stuffed with shelves shelves and more shelves of some sort. My favorites (beside the board game closet, of course) are the ones in Etheline's office...

... because I love deeply and profoundly how she's got one long shelf of just National Geographic magazines lined up. I remember when I was a little kid my uncle had piles and piles of NG on a shelf in his basement and my cousin and I used to go down and flip through them and travel the world. It felt so exciting. The details in this movie carry so many rabbit-holes just like that.

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Hawt said...

Look what game is right next to HACKMAN's head.