Thursday, February 23, 2017

Good Morning, World

Today is the 35th birthday of the Indian model turned actor Karan Singh Grover, who's done, as the saying goes, a lot of television plays and commercials. Seriously though I hadn't heard of him until I was scanning through the list of the day's birthdays on IMDb and his picture jumped out at me...

... his picture jumps! Anyway unfortunately I don't really have the patience or state of mind this morning to do the sort of great big gratuitous post that he deserves - if you google him you will find an endless assortment of photographs, and his Instagram is pretty endless as well - but I do want to share the series of modeling pictures he did for an underwear brand because he had a beard when he did them and it is the look. Hit the jump for it...

Okay I can't help myself -- 
here are some more pictures of note!

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