Thursday, February 09, 2017

Good Morning, Charlie

A happy 41st birthday to It's Always Sunny star Charlie Day today. Have you guys been watching Sunny this season? I don't know how they keep it so damn funny after all these many years but there have been episodes this season that are as good as anything they've ever done. The Gang Goes To a Water Park!!! You don't know how often in the past two weeks I have screamed out apropos of nothing, "AIDS blood in the pool! AIDS blood in the pool!" Ahh, funny.


homodrome said...

I find him so sexy. And hysterical. But mostly sexy.

Bobby said...

Completely agree about It's Always Sunny! Mind-boggling that going on 12 seasons the show is as consistently funny and inventive now as it's ever been.

Anonymous said...

I cried laughing through Old Lady House and watched it three times.