Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good Evening, Gratuitous Clemens Schick

The German actor Clemens Schick is turning 45 today -- Schick's been on my radar for a little bit but not nearly as long as he should've been; I first looked him up last year thanks to his turn as a side-kick of Edgar Ramirez' in the Point Break remake.

But he's been around much longer than that, having had small roles going back as far as Enemy at the Gates (opposite Jude Law) and as Mads Mikkelsen's bald-headed sidekick in Casino Royale.

And yes he is almost always playing bad guys and their evil sidekicks, with his icy blue eyes and sexy facial scar and that general air of dangerous Germanic devilry. Who doesn't want a good lusty villain once in awhile? (Or all the while?) (Okay definitely all the while.) The thing that surprised me about Clemens, since he's such a tough guy on the surface, was finding out he's openly gay.

We don't get to do nearly enough openly gay great big Gratuitous posts around here, so this is a treat. I think he came out right around the time he co-starred opposite the adorable Wagner Moura in Futuro Beach (aka Praia do Futuro) a German-Brazilian movie about the steamy love affair between a lifeguard (Moura) and a man he saved from drowning. 

I have been meaning to watch this movie for ages and ages but I haven't gotten around to it yet - have any of you seen it? There are some pretty sexy gifs down below of the two of them in the film; more incentive to finally get around to it. 

Anyway here's another fun factoid about Schick: yes he is openly gay but he's had explicit (and I do mean explicit) sex with a woman on film, in a 2011 short called Hotel Desire. You'll see some gifs from that below too but I had to edit them somewhat because he seriously goes all the way. All the way.

That's some impressive dedication to one's craft, you guys. He's nearly as dedicated to exploiting himself as I am to exploiting him in return (nearly) -- if you hit the jump you'll see over one hundred more (occasionally very NSFW) pictures of him...


Dan said...


[ joe ] said...

Yes, Futuro Beach was quite good, maybe give it a go.
nah yea, give it a go.

[ j ]

Paul Outlaw said...

Back off, he's mine. (Since Futuro Beach.)

Paul Outlaw said...

PS. Jason, if you like Clemens, I wonder what you'll say about Joe Mawle. (Always wondered why I've never seen him featured here.)


SHOCKED. Shocked i am that you haven't seen Futuro Beach when I kept saying how hot the sex scenes were. Both actors are really good in it, too. and great chemistry

Glenn said...

I really liked FUTURO BEACH a lot. I connected it with a lot of what it was saying. And, yes, both actors are great (the other is the lead on NARCOS, I believe) and Schick was in my top five/six supporting actors of the year. His moustache is so good and he is so sexy.

Anonymous said...

Clemens e' un attore molto figo mi piace molto lo vorrei come mio fidanzatino