Friday, February 03, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Day of Wrath (1943)

Rev. Pederssøn: There is nothing so quiet 
as a heart that has ceased to beat. 

 Director Carl Theodor Dreyer was born 
on this day in the year 1889.


Pedro Pet said...

This movie is marvellous.

The witch burning scene is one of my favorite movie deaths of all time.

joel65913 said...

I really had my reservations about this when I sat down to watch it but it was magnetically involving. I love when that happens especially with foreign film, which I usually find more challenging because of the language barrier. There are few things in moviedom worse than a bad foreign film!

Jason Adams said...

Every opportunity I get I will SELL SELL SELL this movie because it is fucking spectacular and we all have those same hesitations, Joel -- I always have to force myself to sit down to watch stuff like this, but sometimes it pays off and MAN does this one. I should've known though since everything I've seen of Dreyer's has been a masterpiece

joel65913 said...

I haven't seen too much else of Dreyer's work but I have seen his last film Gertrud which I liked but it wasn't in this film's league. However the lead actress Nina Pens Rode was utterly amazing in it.