Friday, February 10, 2017

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Enlightened (2011)

Amy: Some days you feel like the world is against you. And everyone around you seems so mean. And Ugly. There are times I just burn with hate. In those times, I am ugly too. I don't want to hate. I want to be kind, and wake in the kindness of others. This says if I meditate, and look upon every person as having once been my mother, my heart will soften. She was my mother, when I was sad she held me. My mother who sacrificed so much for me, there she is. There she is. There she is. She is all around me. 

I started re-watching Enlightened earlier this week right after I watched Rambling Rose for the piece I wrote on it at The Film Experience, because a little Laura Dern is never enough Laura Dern once you've started. Anyway Enlightened retains all of its spectacular humanistic marvel - it is maybe the most honest show ever made about how wonderful and horrible each and every single one of us is at any given moment. Watch it and be in awe that something so funny and deeply felt ever existed, at all, even if its life was too short by half. And join me in wishing Laura Dern, the blessed gift of Laura Dern, a happy 50th birthday today!

PS I forgot that our pal Manuel was covering Dern's performance as Amy Jellicoe today too, for The Film Experience's week-long celebration -- click here to read his lovely thoughts!

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Oh my God I love Enlightened so much.