Friday, January 27, 2017

Strapping Stratton Scruff Pair

Every time I post about Stratton I have to go back through all the past posts I have done on this movie and I see the one titled "Henry Cavill Pulls Out" and I just start giggling again - it's good that I am at least amused by my nonsense; that much gets me through. Anyway that there is a brand new picture of Dominic Cooper and Tyler Hoechlin in Stratton, in case you didn't get that by now. (via, thx Mac) I will refrain from asking you who wore that costume better between the two because I did that to Dom the last time we got a picture of the two of them in a similar but different outfit from this same movie and it didn't go all that well for Dom that time around, poor dear, and I think that this time it's an even more flattering picture of Tyler. (Those biceps.) Anyway Stratton is out on some time this year.

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