Thursday, January 19, 2017

Give Me Fake News Or Give Me Death

Sorry folks, I just can't fake it today - I have nothing to say right now. I'm just sitting here staring at the news in horror. Sick to the deepest reaches of my gut with what's happening in this country. If any of you have anything cheerful to say, or if you just wanna commiserate with me, hit up the comments. Tomorrow will probably be even worse. So stay tuned for that! And give someone you love a hug. We all need a hug.


das buut said...

You are such a drama queen, honey. It's another republican administration, not the end of the world. We survived Bush, an actual warmonger, we can survive the idiots we're getting now. And they are idiots.

Nothing will get done. Nothing. If there is one thing they have proven, they can't pull their heads from their collective asses long enough to actually do anything.

The worst thing to me is that I actually think this is just going to be a continuation of the last 20 years. Business as usual. The same people who've been there are still there. I don't think a damn thing is going to change. Hillary is showing up at the inauguration, she and trump have been friends for decades. It didn't matter who got elected, that's the truth.

The sun is going to come up tomorrow just as it always does. Your neighbors will still be the same neighbors that they were yesterday. You don't live in a sharia country, so there's not going to be roving gangs hunting you in the street. It's going to be normal. That's it. As depressing as that is, it's just another day.

JA said...

Ignorance is bliss, dude.

das buut said...

You're right, I'm an idiot, I don't know a thing. Trump is literally hitler, we're going to be express sent to a death camps tomorrow approximately 15 minutes after he's sworn in. Putin's on his way to claim the white house. The republicans will pass their religious is right bills and the 10 commandments will be the basis of all legal judgements from now on. Logic is now ignorance, and irrational feelings of doom trump facts.

Jason, it's fine to be angry at trump. It's fine to be angry that he won on the technicality. He isn't what you wanted, he isn't what I wanted. But the hysteria and overblown misery is only making you feel worse.

Trump being inaugurated is not a horror. It's disgusting on a visceral level because this is what our political system has devolved to, but it is not a horror. Ted Cruz would be a horror, that man is insane and a religious fanatic. Donald Trump is an idiot. Idiots make mistakes, but we have an entire system that keeps them from dooming us. If Bush and Cheney together couldn't get us killed, we will weather this too.

das buut said...

Yes, I know you didn't say any of those things, ie the hitler, death camps, republican religious, I'm using them as hyperbole to show that your reaction is overblown like those on twitter.

JA said...

Thanks for coming into my house and using this opportunity, when I've expressed that I am upset and asking for commiseration, to lecture me about what it's fine for me to be or not to be angry about. I am a child, and I need your instruction. Christ you've been condescending since word one.

Anonymous said...

das buut I get what you're saying but there are people throughout our country who are genuinely afraid for their safety and well-being. The fact that the KKK and other White Supremacist groups have seen exponential growth in their memberships over the past 15 years, the fact that the KKK feels emboldened by the incoming administration's rhetoric, the fact that anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-trans, anti-ethnic minority, anti-woman sentiment has exploded over they past few months... all these things and more frighten some Americans (and many in the International community). To dismiss their fears is tantamount to dismissing them as human beings, as some in D.C. are all too willing to do.

I hope you are right. I hope that, in the fullness of time, our deepest fears will be allayed. I hope that Congress and public opinion will prevent a reversal of the progress we've made over the past generation. I hope that this past election cycle will have opened many eyes to the danger of complacency and inactivity and that this nightmare will last for 4 years and not 8. BUT, until then, we watch, we react and we act. And if hyperbole can elect a demagogue then perhaps it can also it stir people to action and engagement and resistance.

Hitler was not shy about his views. He laid all his evil out on the table and was elected into power. Everything that happened to Jews and Gypsies and Gays and resisters and intellectuals was done through proper legal channels. Laws were passed and lives were destroyed. For those who claim that this could never happen in the US, I ask, "why?" Get people angry enough, scare people enough, call enough people "traitors" and "Anti-American" and just enough dissent will die out as it did in the lead up to the Iraqi War. It begins with a Muslim Registry and it ends with trains of people delivered to unknown locations. We elected a Hitler without the horrible national conditions that Germans were living in in the 30s. We elected a Hitler in a time of relative peace and without a catastrophic financial crisis.

The hyperbole is necessary not to incite violence and hatred but as a call to action and engagement in order to preserve and protect the rights of those who are not white and christian and wealthy and men and not at their expense. Today is a day to cry and cuddle and hug. Tomorrow is the day to fight.

guitreehill said...

I'm disgusted by these das buut comments. This person is a vile human being without a sympathetic bone in their body.