Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finn Wittrock Eleven Times

To be honest it hurts my heart looking at these sexy pictures of Finn today (via, thx Mac) -- I've been trying day in and day out to win tickets to see him and Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo's staging of Othello on stage here in NYC, but I haven't had any luck after weeks and weeks of it, and there's only about a week of the show left. So I'm thinking my luck (or lack thereof) has run out. 

(See pics from the show here.) You'd think that all the free press I've given these dudes over the years they could've thrown me a bone by way of a ticket (or possibly other ways you throw "a bone") but no, they just leave me to sit in the corner eating wet cigarette butts. So be it. Hit the jump for more of treacherous, hot Finn...

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