Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Do Dump or Marry: Gentlemen Movie Stars of '42

Inspired by today's list of my favorite movies of 1942 - see that right here! - I realized that a couple of my choices for Runners-up movies were given that designation mostly so I could post pictures of the movie's leading men looking their finest. Gentleman Jim starring Errol Flynn as a boxer is just okay...

... The Black Swan starring Tyrone Power as a pirate is just okay, and The Pride of the Yankees starring Gary Cooper as a baseball player is just okay, but none of them are favorites really... save the fact that I'll google those fellas in those specific movie's costumes every so often.

So let's Do Dump or Marry them then! 
Give your picks in the comments...


Dame James said...

Do Errol
Dump Tyrone
Marry Coop

joel65913 said...

Do Errol
Dump Gary
Marry Tyrone

Andy S. said...

Do Errol
Dump Tyrone
Marry Gary

par3182 said...

do errol
dump gary
marry tyrone