Friday, December 09, 2016

Quote of the Day

"Todd Solondz, I learned don’t be afraid of your actual taste and don’t be afraid of your actual voice. That it needs to make sense to you, and if it doesn’t make sense to you then you don’t have a chance in hell of it making sense to anybody else. He said something to me once: “Oh, to me [‘Weiner-Dog’] is a love story.” And I suddenly realized that to him it is a love story and that is how it makes sense in his brain and that’s why he’s unique and special, because I don’t think anybody else would describe it as a love story, but that’s the way he saw it. I think that commitment to what you actually like and how you actually see it is one of the only things you have to hold onto."

Greta Gerwig talking about Todd Solondz to Variety, as if I could pass up such a moment. It's a great interview with her, mostly about 20th Century Women, you should check it out. I cannot wait for y'all to see 20CW - I've seen it twice now and my love has only deepened for it with age. It's incredibly special. 

As for Solondz well I have seen Weiner-dog's name mentioned here and there with people talking "Best of 2016" but clearly he is once again being under-valued and taken for granted in his time - you better believe it will place highly on my own list if I ever get around to making such a thing. (Here is my review of the movie.) And obviously Greta's chapter of Weiner-dog is a love story! It boggles my mind that anybody could watch it and think otherwise. Then again I clearly also have whatever emotional disease that Mr. Solondz has so perhaps I oughtn't be listened to...

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