Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Karl Glusman Seven Times

Even after watching Gaspar Noe's Love - in which Karl put it all and I do mean it all (link NSFW!) out there for us to judge - I wasn't quite so sure about him, crush-wise. No it wasn't until I discovered back in September via a picture of him towering over Aaron Johnson that he is six-foot-two and any reservations I had flew out the window and I was all, sign me up! Spread all he's offering across that vertiginous a landscape and it becomes much, much more interesting. (Also did you know he's dating Zoe Kravitz? Who used to date Michael Fassbender? She sure knows what she likes!) Anyway these pictures are from Flaunt magazine, in which Karl also tells the story of meeting Tom Ford in his hotel room (cough cough) -- you can hit the jump for six more pictures...

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