Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holy Infant So Tender & Delicious

Alright that's that for 2016, folks - there are a lot of things I could say right now to project negativity and pessimism, since it's mostly what I'm feeling these days, but I do love you guys and thank you for visiting to listen slash gawk at my nonsense, so I'll refrain... until 2017 anyway. A happy and satisfying and sane-as-you-can-make-it holiday season to you all. If you stumble upon anything nifty you think I'd like as always you may share it here in the comments. And I will no doubt be on Instagram and obviously Twitter too a ton over the next ten days if you just can't live without me. (Awww so sweet -- don't die.) We'll see you back here on the site on January 3rd!


joel65913 said...

Happy Holidays! Have a great break! See you on the 3rd.

Peggy Sue said...

Happy Holidays!

shaun said...

Happy Holidays and thanks for all you do in general and especially the past few weeks to distract us with man candy, horror news, man candy... ;o)

Anonymous said...

No homage to CARRIE FISHER?