Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hands Agains The Wall, Aaron Johnson

So much good stuff falls through the cracks of my brain - I had totally forgotten that Go director Doug Liman was making a military thriller called The Wall with Aaron Taylor-Johnson but here we are and there's a trailer for this thing, which exists. And it exists solely to put Aaron in fatigues and then have him crawl around in the dirt a lot, which is something...

... I can get behind. Emphasis...

... on behind. Here's the trailer:
The Wall is out in March; you can read more about it at The Playlist, if you actually need more convincing than the gifs I am showing you, in which case you crazy. (Sidenote: I posted a really adorable new picture of Aaron with his dog on the Tumblr earlier today - wouldn't want you to miss that. You're welcome!)

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