Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good Morning, World

Nothing'll wake ya up quicker than a cold dip, right? Right.
Everybody in!

These images are from the newly released trailer for the Tom of Finland bio-pic (see our previous post - and if you don't know who Tom of Finland is click here) which is being released in (you guessed it) Finland early next year. Who knows when we'll see it here in the States, but it looks good! And not just because...

... of the naked men or the men kissing or even the naked men kissing. It looks (and yes you should pronounce this word like you're a mean shop-girl in a Julia Roberts movie) expensive, very expensive, and epic, and those things don't come down the pike so often for queer content. So we sit up and we pay attention! And sure, maybe we need to adjust...

... ourselves while we're sitting up and paying attention, but
that's just keeping us alert. Watch the (non-subtitled) trailer:


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Unknown said...

Looks amazing! Very Merchant, Ivory.