Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Good Morning, Pratt

I cannot for the life of me figure out where this picture came from but thanks to Henry for sending it along -- anyway it's timely because I had to miss a screening of Passengers last night because of other commitments, only to read that I had missed this...
... and now feel as if my entire life has been a waste. A waste! There are actual multiple articles going around today talking about how pro-exploitation Chris Pratt is and how he doesn't just preach, he lives his teachings. So that's nice. I also found these...

... stills from a web-video promo for the movie featuring a flash of his shower scene, but I can't figure out which video is the right video - Passengers has released approximately fifty billion of them and I half turned to dust skimming through them all. Oh well. There's butt! So that should help the box office.


Unclemike said...

It's a fun film, nothing extra-special about it. There is a lot of Pratt in it, which is nice, and the whole thing ends on a very sweet note. Hubby and I saw it months ago at a preview.

dre said...

Passengers looks terrible and I absolutely refuse to accept Jennifer Lawrence--in general. However, this photo of Chris Pratt? Surface of the sun HOT.