Thursday, December 08, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

  Paul: Mary, I just killed a man. 
Mary: He was a man. 
Now he's just a bag of garbage. 

A very happy 73rd birthday to the legendary cult actress Mary Woronov today - she got her start with Andy Warhol's merry band of weirdos -- you can see her in Chelsea Girls...

And from there she did Death Race 2000 and Rock 'n' Roll High School and Silent Night Bloody Night and Eating Raoul and something called Carquake! which I have to see immediately and Night of the Comet and on and on, up through recently when a new generation of filmmakers latched on and she popped up in The Devil's Rejects and The House of the Devil.

Legend! Anyway as for Chopping Mall it's weird how often I think of this very strange 1986 horror film, right? I think of it every couple of months for absolutely no reason. IT HAUNTS ME. I think it was the film's amazing poster that left a mark - I need one of these hanging on my wall so bad...

"Half Off Is Just The Beginning!"
That is such a fabulous tagline.

I would say that somebody should remake Chopping Mall (the original is honestly kind of awful, but in a fun way) but it would have to be a period piece since malls don't really exist anymore. But if somebody was smart about it there is a movie there - a commentary on the migration of consumer habits, et cetera et cetera - not to mention the timely subject of out of control security robot killing machines. And lasers! Never forget lasers!


Mark Alexander said...

Aren't the quotes from Eating Raoul?

JA said...

I'm actually not sure, Mark, it's a little confusing and I was hoping nobody would call me on it ;)

Since I don't have copies of the movies on hand I was relying on IMDb and IMDb's page for Chopping Mall mixes up their quotes from this movie with quotes from Eating Raoul -- since they play the same characters in both films.

The quote I used would make more sense in Eating Raoul though, so probably. Just go with it.

Bill Carter said...

I think Mark Alexander is right about the source of the quote. Paul and Mary Bland, of the planned restaurant
Chez Bland, didn't kill anybody in "Chopping Mall", but they had a v high body count in "Eating Raoul".

Glenn said...

I love this movie. I saw it on 35mm once and it was a glorious experience. Barbara Crampton's title card being the moment her head explodes!!