Monday, December 12, 2016

Cowboy Junkies

I'm really busy today with off-blog stuff - so busy I haven't even had the time to look at the Golden Globe nominations yet. Okay that's not really that busy because honestly I don't especially care about the Golden Globe nominations, because... they're the Golden Globe nominations. I mean, really. I will watch the show and it will entertain me but I'm not going to spend more time on these than that. But I guess Aaron Johnson & Tom Ford got nominated for Nocturnal Animals for something? So there's a picture of them (via). Anyway if you care (no judgement) about the nominations you can see them all over at TFE (although if you care you've presumably read all about them by now) but  even better you can read some fun tweet reactions to them at this link. And now, bonus Aaron!


Ryan T. said...

Ugh. Over Michael Shannon? A travesty.

Anonymous said...

I liked the scene in the movie when Aaron wiped his ass and looked at the shitty toilet paper