Wednesday, December 07, 2016

4 Off My Head: Siri Says 1922

Since we're doing this a day later than we usually do I guess it's appropriate that Siri gave me such a difficult number when I asked her to pick a number between 1 and 100, so that way we can just half-ass the whole shebang. She gave me "22" and normally I would choose five favorites from that year, but looking through the movies of 1922 I, uh, cannot. Since I have not from as far as I can tell even seen 5 movies total from that year. But here are the 4 movies that I have seen from that year, and thankfully I like them all...

My 4 Favorite Movies of 1922

(dir. Fritz Lang)
-- released on April 27 1922 --

(dir. F.W. Murnau)
-- released on March 4th 1922 --

(dir. Benjamin Christensen)
-- released on September 18th 1922 --

(dir. Robert J. Flaherty)
-- released on June 11th 1922 --


Never seen: Foolish Wives (dir. Erich von Stroheim), Beyond the Rocks (dir. Sam Wood), Blood and Sand (dir. Fred Niblo), Cops (dir. Buster Keaton), Grandma's Boy (dir. Fred C. Newmeyer), Robin Hood (dir. Dwan)


What are your favorite movies of 1922?


joel65913 said...

Wowza this is a toughie!! I've seen some but in many cases what you have to choose from is what has survived rather than the best that might have been turned out in 1922, with a few notable exceptions.

My catch all 5:

Robin Hood
Tess of the Storm Country
Oliver Twist

I have seen Beyond the Rocks-It's AWFULLY static but as the only opportunity to see Swanson & Valentino paired it's worth one view.

Also Salome with Nazimova is a weird disaster but the costumes and set are mindblowingly ornate and eye popping.

Grandma's Boy was meh-but I'm not a huge Harold Lloyd fan. Same goes for John Barrymore's Sherlock Holmes and Valentino's The Young Rajah-though he doesn't wear much except being draped with pearls but his beauty doesn't cover the fact that he wasn't much of an actor.

The one I'm most interested in tracking down is Foolish Wives.

Pierce said...

The 1922 Robin Hood was almost exactly remade in 1939; Haxan is brilliant as is Nosferatu, while Oliver Twist is beautifully acted, the sets are too nice. The Paleface isn't a favorite Keaton, but I like it.

I agree with joel65913. 1922 is a tough one.
Robin Hood
The Paleface
Oliver Twist.

Haven't seen Tess of the Storm Country. My students always loved Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and surprisingly, they weren't huge fans of Chaplin. They loved the Lon Chaney Phantom and Hunchback, though.

JA said...

joel - I too am DYING to see Foolish Wives; I keep meaning to plunk myself down and watch every Von Stroheim I can get my hands on.

You guys rule with these lists, btw! I look forward to hearing what you all have to say every time I do one, it's what keeps me going with the series. Never change! :)


you should definitely watch FOOLISH WIVES