Thursday, November 03, 2016

What a Wonder Filled Woman She Can Be

As a little gay boy growing up in the 1980s there's no way I wasn't hiding in my bedroom every afternoon doing my best Lynda Carter impersonation, so even though I've never been a superhero comic-book reader (I was all about Archie and Uncle Scrooge) I have a stake in Wonder Woman

And as bleak and dire as Batman v Superman was, I do agree with the general consensus that Wonder Woman was the film's highlight. (Well her and Holly Hunter's pee jar scene.) So even if I'm not one hundred percent sold on Gal Gadot (there'll never be another Lynda, people) she acquitted herself well enough to have me curious, and hopeful, and there are moments in the just released trailer (see below) that hit the mark. Like...
Fuck yes.
Here's the trailer:

But listen - I like Chris Pine very much, but there is WAY TOO MUCH of him in this trailer. This is Wonder Woman. This is not Some Dude Standing Next To Wonder Woman. I know DC is scared of the little boy in their underoos revolting at the mere mention of Girl Power but there are little girls in underoos too! (Calm down, perverts.) Give them a goddamned break and have some faith and just focus on making a good movie for a change, please.


Aquinas1220 said...

As Hack Snyder destroys anything he comes into contact with, I'm thrilled this is being directed by a woman... and like you, I was skeptical of anybody replacing Linda Carter (no one can, really), but Gal is growing on me

The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

Agree 100%!

Hope Lynda makes a surprise cameo.