Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Such Beautiful Animals

Even though Jake is making a face like he's got to run to the bathroom in every single shot I am happy that somebody in charge got him and Aaron Johnson to line up beside each other at this week's photo-call for Nocturnal Animals in Los Angeles. And Aaron looks sharp! (Pointed absence of Jake's movie-function attire implied.) Here's let's look at the whole gang...

... mainly because I am super amused by how much Armie Hammer towers over the rest of them. I always forget that dude is such a giant. (Okay I never forget that, I am lying.) By the way if the world doesn't end next week (you know what I am talking about) then I am booked for a press screening of Nocturnal Animals the week after, finally! My impatience is eating me up! Especially with...

... the promotional materials hitting hard front left and right. Three clips from the film were dropped over here (thx Mac) but the most important one the above gif is out of, involving Michael Shannon menacing a scuzzed-up Karl Glusman (who's shockingly tall himself, I just remembered) so let's watch that together:

Two hours of just that, please! Also the first featurette about the film was released today, with some chatter from the usual suspects plus some new-to-my-eyes footage... hey Armie Hammer...

Also I don't recall that shot of a 
dandied-up Michael Sheen before...

... and you can watch that full video right here.

But wait! There is even more Jake to stuff in your mouth today! Perhaps you recall that Jake appeared at a Broadway fundraiser for Hillary Clinton earlier this month? I didn't say a ton about it because I was annoyed I wasn't there (comparable to the crickets we've given over to Jake's recent Sunday in the Park with George performances) but Jake did a lil' thingy with Jon Hamm for it (no, not that lil' thingy, unfortunately) and we finally have video! (thx Mac)

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Aaron fills out a suit so nicely