Thursday, November 17, 2016

Photograph Me Like One of Your French Girls

Nocturnal Animals is out tomorrow - my review will be up in a couple of hours over at The Film Experience; I will surely share when it is live! - and so besides pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal in magazines here we have gotten a lovely shot of Aaron Taylor-Johnson from his wife Sam on her Instagram. And speaking of these two the rest of Kyle Buchanan's interview with Tom Ford at Vulture went up yesterday (you may recall that Kyle had previously shared that tidbit about Jake's pubic hair, because you don't keep that sort of thing to yourself) and this bit seemed relevant:

Vulture: I've rarely seen Aaron Taylor-Johnson as activated as he is in your film.

Tom Ford: I want Aaron Taylor-Johnson to be a megastar. First of all his wife [director Sam Taylor-Johnson] has been a friend of mine for 20 years.

Vulture: What did you think when they first started dating?

Tom Ford: Well … oh … I hate to turn this into something that's … you know, when I first heard they were dating, of course, I thought, "Oh my God, age difference, Sam!" But I had dinner with them shortly thereafter, and the two of them together made so much sense. They absolutely clicked, and it was so genuine, it was so real.

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