Friday, November 11, 2016

Joe Alwyn Eleven Times

Ang Lee's dramatic HD experiment Billy Lynn's Long Half-time Walk is out in theaters today but you might not even know that, given the film's less-than-stellar word-of-mouth since its unveiling at the NYFF a few weeks back. I missed it there but I'm hoping to catch it this weekend in the extra derided thirty-seven-thousand or whatever frames-per-second format before the chance to see it again in this format vanishes off the face of the earth. 

Will it be terrible? Will it hurt my eyes? I have no illusions otherwise (I thought the 48 fps in The Hobbit looked like hot garbage) but it's still how Ang wanted it to be seen and I owe the dude who gave me Jack Twist By Jake Gyllenhaal a chance, forever a chance. (Sidenote: Jake really should've released a celebrity scent titled "Jack Twist by Jake Gyllenhaal" that smelled like leather and beans and spit.) Also owed a chance - this Joe Alwyn chap who stars in the movie. Hit the jump for the rest of the pics...

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tanpoffel said...

Good Lord is this kid handsome.