Monday, November 21, 2016

Grao Morning, World

First I went to IMDb to see if I could figure out what "La vida es mas puta en verano," the title of this Spanish show that had actor Daniel Grao strip down, meant - my guess was it was the 2007 show that IMDb has listed as Love in Difficult Times. Then I went to google to make sure and google told me that ""La vida es mas puta en verano" translates to "Life Sucks in Summer," which is a much better title, don't you think? Anyway I assume they are one and the same, but that made me laugh.

Mr. Grao is currently the hot piece du jour in Pedro Almodovar's film Julieta and since we're in the business of encouraging Mr. Almodovar to find a new male muse (I still don't understand why Miguel Angel Silvestre didn't stick) we're gonna take this extra chance to push Mr. Grao. Hit the jump for a couple NSFW pushes...


Peggy Sue said...

You're amazing!

Love in Difficult Times is set in the late 50s and it's super corny. It would never feature a frontal!

According to all the Spanish sites I checked, this frontal belongs to:

P.S. I sat by his side once in a theatre

David said...

Where is that kissing scene from?