Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Good Morning, World

Apologies to whoever it was I was having this conversation with recent;y but I was told that the fact that I don't get Matthew Rhys (as a sexualized being, that is) would change if I watched The Americans, in which him and Felicity are both supposedly dripping and oozing and all sorts of gross verbs with sensuality. Okay? If you, whoever you are, say so. Any opinions on Matthew Rhys? it's his birthday today and I am distracted by other things (you know what other things) so I can't give this post much thought beyond this and sharing two random gifs of him shirtless. On that note do realize we will be distracted all day long, so posting might be light -- the fate of the fucking world is just hanging in the balance, is all. It's like I'm on some TV show about dangerous sexy spies, just minus all the good sexy parts.


thegreatowl said...

It's the eyes. THE EYES. 😍

Tom M said...

He's great on the show. But Keri is great AND smoking hot. And I'm a gay man. And very confused by my feelings. I blame the Russians.

mtmslg said...

I'll back you up. I've liked him as an actor for a long time. But sexy? Meh.