Friday, November 11, 2016

Good Morning, World

I wish I could sleep into 12 like Chris Lowell is seen doing here in this scene from the TV show Graves - speaking of Graves I have literally never heard of this show until they let Chris Lowell flash his butt on it (see below) so this was time and money and footage well spent, Graves. Have any of you heard of it? Do any of you watch it? Are you just waiting for me to shut up and get to the butt already? Fine...

Even if I don't know the show I am glad to see Chris Lowell's still around -- I loved him on Veronica Mars (PIZ!!!) and he's tremendously appealing. He's also, in case you don't know this, a fantastic photographer -- you can see a lot of his work on his Instagram, or over here on his official site. We've previously posted some of the gratuitous pictures of himself that he every so often posts but even beyond that, which we are thankful for for sure, his photography is very strong. Good work, hot actor!

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Pierce said...

He has a nice ass!