Thursday, November 03, 2016

Good Morning, Sue Snell

Poor Sue! Since we know her mother loves to drink I hope she ran straight to the other room and offered her daughter a little sip of something sweet to get her over her morning blues. That's how I'd write the next scene anyway. Sue Snell's slow descent into alcoholism, aka Carrie 2

I have never actually seen The Rage: Carrie 2, if you can believe that (I just haven't been able to bring myself to, since the original film is such a fave) so I have no idea what they did with Sue Snell's character, what with Amy Irving reprising the role. But I sure hope it involved drinking.

Aaaaanyway it's the 40th anniversary of Carrie today! I hope you're celebrating by throwing tampons at weaklings or dousing yourself in pig's blood and burning down a high school. (Editor's Note: We do not condone burning down high schools.)  Or if you bought that recent blu-ray of Carrie I suggest you watch all the special features on that. And then go fellate John Travolta. Tis the season!

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Rob91316 said...

Mrs. Snell is my "American Dream." A housewife who doesn't work and spends her days getting drunk and watching soap operas. Why can't I have that life???