Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Danger Parker Posey Danger

Apparently Netflix has a reboot of Lost in Space set for 2018 and they just hired the reason to watch it -- Parker Posey is going to play the role of Dr. Smith, aka that weird old queen who was always hanging around a little boy ion the original series. 

Okay so full disclosure - I have never actually seen an episode of Lost in Space. I don't think they aired repeats of it when I was the right age to care? I did see the not-half-bad movie from 1998 which had Gary Oldman playing the old queen, though I barely remember it.

Oh I do remember Matt LeBlanc looking pretty good in his snug spacesuit though (see below), since I usually remember those sorts of things better than I remember my own childhood. Anyway I love this idea of Parker Posey playing all of the old queen roles in the Old Queen Pantheon. She could be the new Charles Nelson Reilly and the new Vincent Price all rolled into one.


joel65913 said...

Now THAT is interesting casting.

The old TV show was fun because of it's absurdity...and June Lockhart. But watching it now that fussy old queen Dr. Smith is just so obvious, you know it was made in a more naive time-I think they were going for an erudite Clifton Webb vibe, but in many ways that WAS a fussy old queen prototype!

Be that as it may Parker Posey and her off center quirk will fit well with the role.

The only good thing about that awful 90's film version was the way LeBlanc filled his tee shirt.

Aquinas1220 said...

Even as a kid I was aware of Jonathan Harris' queeny vibe, but I was also keenly aware of how homophobic they made Guy Williams and Mark Goddard's characters. The two of those macho characters were constantly disgusted by Dr. Smith and were always filled with contempt for him...this sort of endeared me to Harris' character

Hawt said...

Get the complete series blu-ray on Amazon for only 60 bucks. You'll probably love the shit out of it.

Brad said...

I know this is not the popular opinion, but fuggit. Parker Posey is a talentless hack. She got lucky in 90s indie films, and somehow gathered a HUGE following of misguided gay men. She's not any good though. This is not even opinion. She's simply a weak actor. I don't get the American way of accepting mediocrity as brilliance. (Please don't bother replying with anger or defense. I won't engage and it doesn't change the fact that PP is not working much any more and there's a reason for that.)