Monday, November 28, 2016

Chaos Assembles

THR is reporting that our amazing new Spider-man Tom Holland has signed on to star in Chaos Walking, which is a project I've been blabbing about for ages and ages - based on a terrific YA trilogy of books by the writer Patrick Ness (whose book A Monster Calls was also turned into a movie, one which is out at Christmas and we cannot wait to see) the movie was originally being written by no less than Charlie Kaufman. 

Then back in August, after a very long gestation period, came word that Go director Doug Liman was directing the film and Daisy Ridley would be co-starring; at that point a new writer was mentioned, which had me worried that Kaufman had been usurped. Booted! But THR does mention Kaufman today as a co-writer, so I guess we'll see how that shakes out.

Chaos Walking is actually the title of the entire trilogy of books, which are individually titled The Knife of Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer, and Monsters of Men - THR doesn't mention the films being a trilogy now, so perhaps the entire story's been distilled down to one? That would surprise me - for one that would be a lot of story to mash up, and for another since when is Hollywood in the business of not stretching these things out? Or did the lessened reception of the endless Divergent series teach them a lesson? (This is much much more interesting than the Divergent series, people.) In summation, Spider-bum!

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