Friday, November 18, 2016

Big Monkey Business

The trailer for Kong: Skull Island has been out for several days now I think, but have I watched it? No I have not. I suppose you could say I had other things on my mind - and hey they also involve a great big hairy monster rampaging across and destroying the world - so perhaps I will be forgiven. But hey maybe you haven't watched it either so here, let's watch it together! Agreed? Agreed.
I think it's interesting that both this and this past summer's Tarzan movie are using Samuel L. Jackson, the angriest black man in the business and bless him for it, to confront stories that were race-oriented in their inceptions. The Legend of Tarzan muddled that up pretty thoroughly and I imagine this movie will too - adventure and special effects are prioritized well beyond the kind of ideas that make stories resonate or last beyond that big first box office weekend. Anyway! Things look big and boomy and hey there's Toby Kebbell...

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Pierce said...

Saw the trailer for this today and it looks utterly dreadful. How dare they? The 1933 King Kong will always be the best! The two trailers I saw that looked remotely interesting were The Lego Batman Movie and Collateral Beauty.