Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Wolf in Bespoke Clothing

It's weird, I have read several negative reviews of Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals today and found myself nodding along with them, unable to find much to argue with. And yet I liked the movie and I gave it a pretty good review, which just went up over at The Film Experience -- read it right here. Similar to how the film is bifurcated story-wise it somehow bifurcates my feelings towards it, or it somehow manages to be both everything and nothing all at once...? I don't know, I found it a fascinating and strange and dark movie anyway, and it fit my mood this week when I saw it. The one complaint I have heard towards it that I do not agree with is people calling it empty - I think it's roiling in weirdness and murk and anger. And beauty and sex, obviously - it is Tom Ford.

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Anonymous said...

At the screening I saw, a raucous Michael Shannon felt he wasn't sure what the film meant. Sort of got the feeling they all felt that what you take away from the film, and what you see of it in yourself is satisfactory meaning. As for me, I loved the music especially, and found the movie well acted and at times incredibly gripping.