Monday, October 24, 2016

Steven Yeun Six Times

The less said about last night's episode
of The Walking Dead, the better. 
Let's just look at Steven Yeun after the jump....

For lots more of Steven Yeun click right here. Okay one thing about last night's episode of The Walking Dead, as long as we're here (and by implication this is SPOILERY but I will keep it as vague as I can) -- I'm really torn over this show's nihilism. I don't really have an issue with nihilism in general - my argument about works of art that make people feel bad is that if it is a feeling that people feel (in this case, nihilism) it is therefore worthy of artistic expression and exploration.

I just, at this point, don't really feel as if The Walking Dead actually has anything to say about nihilism. It's just kind of trying to out-do itself in its own nihilism sweepstakes. It goes from episode to episode seeing if it can deaden the viewer inside any more this week. We get it. We're dead. Good work.

Sarcasm aside it just feels like dude posturing now. Maybe worst of all Negan's speech was poorly written and obvious from Point A to Point Zzzzzzzz. All that said I will keep coming back until they kill Carol, so ignore everything I just said - it's just pansy whining, right?

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