Thursday, October 27, 2016

Networks Are The Real Nemesis

I am using pictures of Tom Hardy in Star Trek Nemesis to distract you from the actual news I am sharing in this post -- last night it was announced that our beloved Bryan Fuller is stepping down from the role of show-runner for the new Star Trek series Discovery. The whole story's at THR but the gist, according to the studio, is he's focusing on his other projects (those being American Gods and his reboot of Amazing Stories). 

Of course knowing what we know about Bryan (aka he's one of the world's biggest Trek fans and has been since conception) it's hard not to side-eye that explanation - something tells me that Bryan would prioritize accordingly if the situation he found himself in was agreeable. The timeline for making this show happen - nobody's even been cast yet and they want it on the air by May! - has been reading as... let's use the word "difficult" here. Anyway there's clearly more to this story than they're letting on, and it reeks of rock-headed studio bullshit.

That said Bryan is keeping an Executive Producer credit on the show (I hope he pockets so much fucking money) and his producing partners Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, who he's worked with since Pushing Daisies, are taking over the reins. And we wish them nothing but luck and success! But we feel angry on Bryan's behalf today anyway. Angry! Anger! Must look at Tom Hardy in uniform some more to stop being so angry!

Still angry.

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